Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Square Burger

I've been meaning to go to Square Burger, Stephen Starr's burger outpost in the lovely, kid and mini-golf-laden Franklin Square, really I have.  Yet Franklin Square remains a little isolated, if parking is any indication, and mini-golf has stopped ranking on my list of things to do since about seventh grade.

All that being said, however, I do like the square, and the Square Burger, as it turns out.  Mostly because of something called the "Cake Shake," a ridiculously tasty shake concoction that was described to me as a million tastycakes pureed with ice cream.  Even if that description doesn't appeal, any lover of cake and ice cream will appreciate the shake.

As for the burgers, I went with the Classic Cheeseburger.  My reaction to seeing the burger was, "oh, it's an In-N-Out burger."  The packaging, size, toasty buns looks like classic In-N-Out.  However, I'll take In-n-Out over this, the California chain having mastered the buttery-tasting, toasty bun and burger proportion size a bit better than this outpost.  Still a great theory, and this burger was actually a bit more meaty, but if you're going to style it like a classic, you should make sure it tastes at least as good.

However, on a beautiful spring day overlooking the fountain, carousel and playground, I'll take my picnic burger and shake.

Square Burger is located in Franklin Square, on North 6th Street, Philadelphia, http://www.historicphiladelphia.org/squareburger/

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