Monday, May 30, 2011

Steak and Eggs

Occasionally, I like to be a little decadent.  Probably more than occasionally.  In fact, in my life, many a common bond has been forged over this shared interest.  So for those of you out there that "occasionally" like to go all out, this breakfast is for you.  No other lazy weekend breakfast says decadence like steak and eggs.  Especially with garlic butter and sauteed mushrooms.

It's an easy breakfast (hence made for the "lazy" weekend), if you take advantage of some key Whole Foods'/your market of choice's sliced mushroom blend and garlic herb butter.  I imagine it's not too hard to make the butter yourself, with garlic and herbs, but I prefer imagining that step to actually chopping anything first thing in the morning.  You'll need a package of mushrooms (or more, to appetite), as many filet mignon steaks as you have guests, eggs, garlic herb butter and fresh chives, ideally.

1.  Begin with putting a pot of boiling water on for the poached eggs - add some salt and vinegar to promote egg cohesion, but don't expect much in that department if you're not using a poaching pan (which I detest for its faux tidiness of eggs). 
2.  Next put a dollop of that garlic butter in a pan, let it melt and add your package of mushrooms.  Sautee these while the water's boiling.
3.  Once you're close to boiling, put your steak in a pan with a pat of butter.  Do you notice that any recipe labeled as "decadent" must involve butter?  It's no mistake. 
4.  Slide your eggs into the now-simmering pot of water, where they gently cook for about 4-5 minutes.
5.  Turn the steak once during the egg cooking time.
6.  Plate the steak, then the mushrooms, add a pat of remaining garlic butter to the steak, then throw the eggs on top, after carefully lifting with a slotted spoon and patting dry with a paper towel.

Add some fresh squeezed orange juice and a New York Times crossword puzzle and you've got yourself a morning.

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