Monday, September 6, 2010

Valley Green Inn

Charming and idyllic, Valley Green Inn offers a secluded B&B experience a mere fifteen minutes (or a nice bike ride) from downtown. While I had known of Valley Green Inn for many years, rumors of overpriced food had kept me away. But on a beautiful weekend like this Labor Day, when My Vegetarian Friend suggested it, I decided to take the chance.

I'm happy I did. It is a beautiful, grand house down a driveway canopied by lush green trees, a popular entrance to Wissahickon Park, which features intriguingly named trails like "Forbidden Drive." We were able to secure a table on the porch, with a view of the river and trail patrons enjoying the weather.

Valley Green Inn has an accessibly priced wine menu and offers rotating specials of its wines by the glass. I opted for the viognier, seemingly good for the summer. The food offerings are somewhat safe, but well executed. Items like french onion soup and a straightforward steak adorn the menu, but specials are offered and I hear that Valley Green Inn uses local farmers. I tried one of the specials, featuring one of my favorite combinations -- fig, goat cheese and prosciutto with arugula. Although I have tasted more delicate prosciutto, the salad offered a dependably wonderful taste combination that didn't disappoint. At the server's suggestion, I ordered the "duck two ways," featuring a confit of duck leg, sauteed breast, served with sun dried cherry duck jus, a goat cheese potato croquette and what was supposed to be asparagus on the menu but was in fact bok choy. The duck with cherry was wonderful, perfectly done and flavored. The croquette was fell too much on the fried and flavorless side for me, but was pleasant. MVF's vegetarian sampler platter was reported to be good, with four different vegetarian offerings. Our chocolate pistachio pate was also very good, sprinkled with sea salt that I have grown to crave in my chocolate for bringing out the sweet flavor.

I have no pictures here due to the sun setting, then candlelit scene that I could not bring myself to interrupt with a flash. As we left, we stopped to enjoy the wedding the Inn was hosting on its side porch. With lanterns and small lights, it was lovely, even with the some of the more outlandish, unabashed dancing. (Shout out to our British friend at the next table who commented to us after we all observed said dancing, "only in America." You betcha.) An enchanting way to spend an evening all around.

Valley Green Inn is located on Valley Green Road at Wissahickon, Philadelphia,

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