Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Restaurant Week Rant

One of the many reasons I love Philadelphia is its affordable restaurant scene. Where else can you get an interesting, well-executed meal for under $30, with appetizer? From gastropubs to BYOs, these kinds of meals are readily available. Which is why charging $35 to order off of a different, limited menu for three courses (did you really want the cheesecake dessert, too?) strikes me as a little silly. This year's publicized commercial sponsorship by TD Bank is plainly odd. From a public relations perspective, I get it, to a point. But why not move the price point down?


RhodeyGirl said...

I thought it was a little pricey too, and am not quite sure where the allure is when it costs the same as a regular entree, split app, and glass of wine.... but i'm going to check out a few of the higher end places anyway.

Kate said...

Agreed - I went to LaCroix during one restaurant week with the same thinking and was disappointed with the limited menu and what I thought were unusually small portions. Not the deal I thought it might be.

billy said...

I couldn't agree more.

Last year I went to Lacroix and Brasserie Perrier. Both were huge disappointments. It was as though they hired cheap immigrants to cook up tiny, bland, not particularly artful servings and shooting them out of a cannon at you. Not a deal at all, and in fact, turned me off to 2 of what I am sure are among the best restaurants in the city. Never again.