Monday, July 6, 2009


Who knew 30th Street Station had a creperie? With the advent of the Cira Center and accompanying businesses, the restaurant selection at Philadelphia's train station expanded beyond McDonald's to Cosi and even a decent pub. On my way to New York last week, I made my usual rounds and discovered the addition of the Crepemaker. Perfect crepe batter, but the fillings are less gruyere with caramelized leeks and more IHOP omelette fillings. Although I went for a breakfast selection (egg and cheese, tell them to go light on the cheese), I'm going to guess the dessert crepes can't be bad. And this happy chef (pictured left) seemed genuinely pleased as families gathered to watch him make my crepe. Good customer service in Philly serving fast-French-food? Sign me up.

The Crepemaker is located in 30th Street Station, near the South entrance.

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