Monday, February 16, 2009


Tiffin's arrival on the Philadelphia scene has been met with great fan fare. Filling a gap in this city's food offerings, it began as a delivery service only (which still exists, albeit with some confusing time-related requirements) and has since expanded into small restaurants. One such restaurant opened around the corner from My Chiles Rellenos Friend and I had been eager to try it.

Arriving a bit after 7 p.m. on a Thursday night, we somehow managed to beat what became an amazing rush, given that the wind outside was ridiculous. The outside was pretty much the only waiting area, save for the four somewhat oblivious souls that stood directly behind MCRF while we dined. Really, folks? I guess I'll skip the intensely personal conversation tonight (ok, it didn't stop me).

In any case, the menu is more straightforward than the on-line delivery menu and features daily specials. We tried one, the lamb keema samosas. I loved them, but probably more for the dipping sauces than anything else. Speaking of dipping sauces, the garlic naan offered plenty of opportunity to dip, along with a fresh fragrant bread. The garlic was powerful but not overwhelming.Having been spoiled by first eating Indian food during a semester abroad in London, I often crave - and miss - chicken korma. Which is what I ordered and enjoyed immensely. I was impressed that I could easily pick out the fresh ginger in the sauce, combining with other magical spices to offer a fragrant, mild, thick sauce for the all white meat chicken.

MCRF ordered the eggplant, which she described as spicy and delicious. It certainly was wonderfully fragrant. The dining room is covered in lovely butter-colored paint, a perfect complement to the warmth of the food. It's BYO, too, which is always nice and the service was accommodating and kind. A place to which I will likely return and, if I ever decide what I'm doing for dinner before 2 p.m., a place from which I would love to order delivery.

Tiffin is located at, among other locations, 7105 Emlen Street, Philadelphia. Full information is available at

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