Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Twenty Manning

This is not a restaurant review, but a short rant about one restaurant's rather unbelievable practice of spraying water on passers-by. First, I do love that thanks to some politicos' realizing what a benefit sidewalk tables would be to the city, restaurants are now allowed to offer al fresco dining, allowing me to enjoy people-watching, one of my favorite things to do. Second, I admit one of Philadelphia's shortcomings is rather narrow sidewalks. There's no Parisian expanse of concrete on which to place a flurry of tables in the summer months. So I trudge by places like Rouge and Devon, trying to walk in such a way to avoid tipping someone's glass over. I tolerate these minor inconveniences because I enjoy sitting outside, too, when I've managed to get off work early enough to snag a table.

However, I draw the line at Twenty Manning. I suppose that the "mist" is intended to cool off its own dining patrons. The water is aimed away from the tables; perhaps it's at a particular angle so that the tables will merely feel the sense of cool water. Instead, the water is aimed toward the rest of us, walking by, already crammed in on what portion of sidewalk on the already narrowed 20th Street is left. It is a mist, but you do feel the water on you. In other words, short of stepping out onto a fairly busy street, you can't avoid getting a little wet. Now I like a good slip and slide as much as the next girl, but more so when I'm in waterproof clothing and can actually elect to get wet. Unlike here.

Twenty Manning, what are you thinking?

Twenty Manning is located at 259 S. 20th Street, Philadelphia.

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Jamie said...

My new spot for a good drink in good ol' rittenhouse and the calamari is excellent! Perfect place to go on those hot humid days for a bite to eat and some people watching. You can even adjust the mist to any direction you desire. Great idea Twenty Manning!