Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fuji Japanese Restaurant

Often the bearer of accolades beginning with "best of," Fuji Restaurant in Haddonfield was overhyped for me. I did like the decor, but only relative to most other sushi restaurants and not to, let's say, a charming BYO or Morimoto.

I had even picked out exactly what I was going to order. I read LaBan's review and convinced an equally enthusiastic friend to add it to our Jersey excursion. Arriving slightly before opening, we were nonetheless greeted warmly and served wonderful hot green tea.

We didn't bother with soup, opting instead to go directly for sushi. I got the subject of much praise, the Fuji roll, consisting of yellowtail, scallions and burdock root inside out with tobiko (fish eggs). The burdock root is looks strikingly similar in both looks and taste to baby carrot, somewhat of a disappointment to me. I also tried the Rainbow roll, which Fuji changes up a bit through the addition of the Waluu leaf, a similar taste to mint. It struck me as out of place, honestly. Finally, I went for a safe favorite, a shrimp tempura and avocado roll. It was just that -- safe and plain. My friend, mindful of the recent reports of mercury, stuck with a vegetarian line-up and was pleased with the selection.

Fuji was good but ultimately a disappointment. I am a sucker for a creative roll with a perfect flavor combination. Perhaps Fuji's strong point is the freshness of their fish, something that did not particularly shine (nor detract, in all fairness) for me in my selection. If you find yourself in Haddonfield, though, certainly stop in.

Fuji Restaurant is located in the Shops at 116 on East Kings Highway in Haddonfield, NJ,


Anonymous said...

If you want a creative roll ask the chef. While other sushi joints venture into creating lavish, maybe even crazy rolls, Fuji sticks with the traditional items. Still, the chef can most likely prepare a special roll off the menu.

Kate said...

A good tip, but I'm the kind of sushi diner who prefers to pick those kinds of rolls off the menu, rather than invent them myself. but good to know should I be inspired.